Friday, July 31, 2009

Shen gets out

It has been a loooong week.
I actually did some things outside of the house too!
Me and my family went to Stony Brook park which is a little over half an hour from where I live, Here are some pictures:

There were over a hundred steps that I tried to take on as a warrior, at first I was running up them like I had an infinite amount of energy...then I was too tired to even walk down them. Luckily, I had a large break in between steps because my Step Mom fell face first into the water by the waterfall. I was told she tried to sit down on some rocks and fell, she wasn't hurt so everyone had a good laugh about it. My little sister dug right in and got all the way into the water. I wasn't really feeling it so I just watched. There was a lot of rock and some nice little tree coves. If you get a chance you should make your way there, it is a fun place to explore.

I also had an interview for a job yesterday. That went well, I have already been offered the position! So afterward my family and I all went to Super Cruise Night. Super Cruise Night is where all of the old cars from the area sit around in giant parking lots for people to look at. It was kind of neat to see all of the cars, but I got bored pretty quickly.

I am in this week's Free Fridayz also as #12. There are a lot of really good submissions this week!
I already have a sweet idea cooked up for next week. I am collaborating with my friend Seth. He is the guy down there with the beach pictures, you know the one holding that large jug of brown liquid.

Eva and I have a lot of the website worked out. It should be up and running anytime now, and I can't wait! It should be a real treat!!

Well, I think this is the most I have ever wrote for one of these normal entries. So here is your music:

They're Coming To Take Me Away
Twenty Years
We Crawl


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