Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She Looks Lazy

I actually got something done today.
I made a doll for the next Free Fridayz, and sure as anything right after I popped her out of the oven her legs fell off. It was an easy fix though. So here I sit, towards the end of my thrid movie for the day. So far, I have watched "A Night to Remember" Which, by the way, is pretty much exactly liek Titanic without the giant love story plot, "Grand Illusion" (a french movie on the first world war, and I am currently watching "Peeping Tom" which is a very interesting horror film from the 60's.
Here is a picture of my doll:

She isn't quite finished. The lighting in the picture is pretty bad and I think I'm going to collage a picture on the wall behind her.

Here are your songs as promised
Loosen Your Hold
In Heaven
between The Bars
Only You

Yes most of them are sad.

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