Thursday, July 16, 2009

Early Morning Rant

So here is my early morning rant.
first off, dear local movie theater:
When there is a very large crowd all trying to get into the same room, please please please organize the fucking thing. As being a person that has an anxiety disorder, I DO NOT like to be shoved into a giant crowd and pushed along. It took me almost 15 minutes to calm down. Besides, I was one of the very first people there, we came 3 hours early and got our tickets then, but somehow I was one of the last people to sit. How does that work out. I am not the kind of person to push people out of my way. And to the little teenagers wearing the Harry Potter shirts: I have reserved the "C Word" for you. You strut right in declaring " I refuse to be second. I can only be first". Throwing me your bitchy glances. Who even does that?
Okay, I am done with that.
here is my second and last one for the day:
To people I am nice to:
Well, I am nice to everyone, but you know sometimes it is just not worth it. And today is the day I step up and say "I DON'T CARE". No, I don't need to set time aside for you when I am with Adam and my little sister. And you know what? Just because you are in a bad mood is no reason to ignore me. If you did not want to talk to me in the first place...why did you contact me? I was all happy and content before you came along and implied that you wanted to be my friend. Well screw you all. I know who my friends are. They don't whine and cry to me at all hours of the night, they don't ignore me and they especially don't DEMAND my time. I give it to them freely.
So if you are not my friend I am telling you right now i could give a flying fuck what is wrong.

Thank you and good day.

[ps. I promise I will post a legit blog later..there were just things I needed to get off my chest]

I love you friends.

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