Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Beach

So yesterday I went to the beach. Yes it was rainy and cold. And for certain I swam in my clothes.
The sky was all sorts of beautiful. There was a storm coming so it was a dark dark blue over the water. This was by far one of my favorite adventures I have been on.
When we got to the beach there was this little alcove to walk through, like a boardwalk through this jungle-like mass of trees and swampy area. When we made our way to the sand we all pretty much just took off running toward the water. The water was warm, and the air was cool. So the water felt pretty good. We swam around and played until we all got too cold to stay in the water. When we got out there was cookies and sandwiches to be had by all, followed by a romp in the playground. All in all it was a good time :]
Oh! I also got my artwork on a webiste :]] Here is the link Free fridayz I am #12 :]
Here are some pictures for you:

I am very tired from the adventures, so I think I am going to relax for the night and watch some cartoons.
Musics for you:

Tane Mahuta

Cliche Guevara
Sings Songs Along
Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts

I hope your weekends have been awesome!

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