Friday, July 24, 2009

In That Very Special Way

I am having trouble getting my inspiration going, so here is a post of a poem.

I am the woman behind the wall. I shake the sulfurous paper

I am the wound licking stain. The sun sedates me.

I am a shadow behind your eyes. Moving behind bars, rays falling on my paper house created by the moon.

I am the pain in your womb. I spread my yellow stain through your body with my bulbous fingers.

I am your swollen tongue that licks my hanging hair clean. The hair that drags dirty on the floor when I crawl to and fro.

I am your disease, that sulfur feeling in your brain that clouds your every thought, that haunts your every dream.

I am the lady within the yellow wallpaper.

I should have more to post after this weekend. The website is almost ready, and I plan on working on it tomorrow. Or at least making some ideas. I was really hoping to get something done today, but ended up watching old movies instead. I watched My man Godfrey, The Bank Dick, Flesh For Frankenstein and Blood For Dracula. Yeah I know......
Here is some music:

Like It Or Not
My Old Ways
House Of The Rising Sun
You Showed Me

I promise I will do something today. maybe something grand in the small hours of the night.

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  1. Hey, I found your blog through fecal face. I felt compelled to send a hello b/c you seemed a lot like me. I'm 25 male and live in philly. I'm an aries too. i also noticed that you liked that wallflower book.

    I liked interview with the vampire too... but with a few people I've talked to- who have read the book, they said it was terrible. I even think the author of the book didn't like the movie- but I could be wrong.

    A lot of times, i feel alone so its nice coming across people who seem like me.

    I like to make stuff too. And I like sending it to people...

    I have an email at fillmoremillbrook@gmail, and a simple site at