Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Weekend Adventure

This weekend I spent adventuring with my dear friend Eva.
We did a great many things including the following:
1] illegalities
2] BBQ'd
3] stormed through a crowd
4] drank whole bottles of Boones Farm on a foutain
5] saw ghosts of the past
6] took our relationship to the next level (see: Scissor Kicking)
7] planned a path for our future
8] loved on the charcoal

Concerning number 7. There is a website to be started. I will be posting more info about it. For the time being I will tell you what the plan is. We want to start a site with our art available for your enjoyment and purchase. I had an idea to create the art then sell it ready to wear also. Like a two for one deal, you can buy the art you like then wear it around town to show it off. Im thinking each piece will still be a one of a kind. Also, there will be order sheets available. You can give us an idea of what you want..and we create it!

Above are some pictures and here are songs from my adventure: I hope you enjoy!
Smack my Bitch Up
You Are The Blood
Africa Just Wants To Have Some Fun

Have A lovely Sunday :]

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