Friday, July 17, 2009

Wooden Man

I am pretty sure that I won't have time to write later so I will do it now.
In about a half and hour I have to get ready to beach it up!
As anyone who has even read this knows I like to make things...that is pretty obvious. But what you might not know is that I also write. So today I bring you my all time favorite series of poems that I have written entitled : Wooden Man.


Wooden Man I
The wooden man made his way towards me
Bringing news of my imminent life
The wooden man teases me with his comings and goings
Making promises with his splintered tongue
He could never keep

A myriad of colors flow from his eyes
And burn me, all over my skin
The multitude are affected by his charm
They beg me to divulge his secrets

But I do not know them, or claim to posses them
The wooden man keeps them in a lock box made of tarnished silver
And I do not posses the key, I also never will

The wooden man will, at times forget me.
But I stand on guard waiting for him to come back to me
Perhaps, I owe him for waiting on me so.

Wooden Man II
The wooden man told me once that his heart is made of rusted metal
And when I said to him "Oh, how can it be?"
The wooden man refused to set me free

He told me that only I could ignite his fire
For I must be made of matches
Some nights I bed God to turn me to water
But I fear I could not see him with another

The wooden man in splintered and severed
And expects me to lick his many wounds clean
But they cut me and for months I have bled
One night, I fled

The wooden man used his cunning and charms
He lured me back
And locked me up
In his tarnished chest of secrets
Here I remain; along with his metal heart.

Wooden Man III
The wooden man told me once that lust is the same as love
And when I disagreed with him, I reminded him of his indiscretions
That all at once broke my heart and broke my trust
But the wooden man is always to be forgiven.

Wooden Man IV
Today I burned the wooden man
He writhed, but did not make a noise
His silence made me uneasy
So I kept on pouring the gasoline-waiting to hear him scream
But still the only sound I heard was the creak and crackle
-of his burning heart

I couldn't be his Joan Of Arc any longer
I refused to be the fuel to his intense fire
His tin lock box is bruised and broken
And I now have the key

Wooden Man V
Your shadow followed me around the room
Pulling my hair and throwing books off the shelves
The ghost of you demanded my attention
Screaming silently in frustration
I'm sorry wooden man, I've found someone else
Someone who needs me
Wooden man, you be calm now, hush your cries
I've got a match in one hand and I'm ready to burn again
I know the one who holds the key to my heart
And it's not you.

Wooden Man VI
I saw the knotted wood growing rapidly under my white picket fence.
Like a festering canker eating away at the boards.
The twisted, gnarled sick looking roots wound up around my red roses.
Choking them.
So, I followed the roots to the foot of your trunk.
And I languidly chopped you down, blow by blow.
I thought somehow that blood would come flowing over my shoes
Like the tears that fell from you in waves.
Tears of anger
Because, I would not let you ruin what I have planted.

Okay, they aren't perfect and they could do for some editing, but I am pretty proud of them. I honestly haven't worked on them in awhile due to personal reasons. they have the potential to be great.
Here are some awesome Friday tunes to jam to:

Cowboy Dan
Don't Kill Children
Loose Leaves
Tangled Up In Blue

Later taters!

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