Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Remind Me Of The Babe

I got a pet yesterday. His name is Felix. He is pretty great!

Here is a picture of him:

His seaweed glows in the dark too!

Today I spent some time making new octopi for some people at work.

Here is some Ian:


(Defenders of the faith)

All I can do is stare blankly at this sheet of paper set before me. This current life filled with worksheets and essays, filmstrips and newspaper clips. I feel so numb today. I feel as if I know that my future holds nothing. It holds a life full of registers, false friendly face, and empty spaces. I’m going to be a cashier at this giant chain of grocery stores my whole life. Day after day. Breathing….falsity. Breathing… hating. Breathing…wanting to stop.

I was informed that I need to post some doodles I did at work on here. They are really silly and I didn't work hard on them, so please don't think this is my best work hahaha.

Here are the songs for the day! [taken from my iTunes]

As the World Falls Down
In The Flowers
Rock Music

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sucker Betru

I have been working ALLL week. I know, I know....what do I want....a cookie?
Well, after nine months it is quite a big deal.
So here has been my week so far:
Work then come home make my lunch do the dishes and pick out my outfit for the next day.
Yes, that is a run on sentence, but that is what it has been feeling like for me.
Ashleigh came home today though. That was a happy experience for me.

Here is some Ian for you:

Ian II

“Leia!” “Leia, can you stop walking for two seconds?”
“Why should I Ian? Why do we go through this every time? You do this to yourself, you know?” She shrugs my touch away.
I am scrambling, and as I close my eyes the sun blindingly invades my mind with a memory.

The sun is shining so bright, but summer hasn’t exactly started yet. The clouds pass overhead from time to time and we yell “Sun come back! Come out to play” And as we lay there on my trampoline, under the trees, under the sun, under the eyes of the world, we are happy. It was then that Leia turns to me and says:
“Sometimes I feel like my life is a movie, everything seems so perfect in it’s flaws. It just has to be planned.”
I turned to her, looked into her eyes and thought to myself “I am God’s dark comedy.”

I open my eyes in time to see Leia running away, her small form disappearing into the distance
“Leia!” I shout just as the thunder rolls in and the beginning of a storm approaches.
“A storm means change.” I say to myself. I dare not move. I just watch as everything I have ever wanted runs from my grasp and disappears. She flies away from the storm. She flies.

oh oh oh AND here is a video I made. So here is me :


Sorry, no songs for today. that video of me should be enough.

Goodbye for now

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Carnage!

I have blood red paint all over my hands.
I love it.
So I finished my clay piece, and feeling pretty good about it. I like it a lot better painted. Boy was it fun painting it too! It took quite awhile but I mixed the perfect blood red color.
Here is a picture Before I added the blood:

And here is what it looked like after I added the blood:

It was a fun mess.

Here is the treat I promised you last time. This is the first in a series I have yet to name or finish:

the beginning of Ian

Ian’s eyes are weighted down to his feet, as if some invisible force pulls them there. When he glances upward with an obvious amount of strength and his small mouth opens slightly his smile ans whole body glows. And though sad, he is insightful and caring. His tall body and long arms are a bit awkward, however perfect for any love he finds.
Ian stood six feet tall and pierced the world with a contemplative green gaze. Almost two decades old, the slender frame suited his dark black hair, shifting lightly atop his head every time he shifted his eyes.

Ian I

I got fired today. I hated my job anyways, so in a way I’m sort of happy. I hated having to come to work everyday, touching the food, smiling at the customers each with their own little faults. But I loved the children. They were so pure, so innocent, uncorrupted in their child-like thoughts and small minds but open hearts. That’s what makes them an easy target for others to hurt them.
It’s finally my favorite time of day- 3:00 AM. Everything is so quiet in my little room in my little house. I can hear my own breathing patterns, my heart rhythms. Almost a symphony reverberating through my young body. Breathe in…breathe out…the blood pumps in…the blood pumps out. It’s amazing to know that no matter how hard you try to tell your body to stop functioning it won’t (short of death that is).
Since I don't work tomorrow I’ll sleep in and then do something crazy. Maybe I’ll rob a bank or tell Leia that I’ve loved her ever since we were nine. I almost told her, but it’s hard to tell your best friend you love them, when on day it’s possible that you could break their heart.

That's all for today. I even fixed the spelling mistakes!

Twice As Bad As Love
Shelter From The Storm
Curs in The Weeds
Sleeping Bear, Sault Saint Marie

Got these from pressing random on my iTunes.

Later Skaters.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Call Me Nighthawk

I am not entirely sure how I feel about my clay projects. If I could just sew all the time I would. But sewing costs a lot more money. Fabric can be really expensive.
I honestly spent three hours trying to get something out of my mind and into clay. I still don't really like ti that much. I have yet to paint the project.
Here are some pictures of it:

So, I don't know....
BUT I do have a nice treat. I had started a story about a boy named Ian. I haven't finished it but I was thinking of putting some of the short pieces up on here. Maybe I could get some feedback on how to end it.

Music for today:
Little Yellow Spider
Diamond Day

Later tater