Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Call Me Nighthawk

I am not entirely sure how I feel about my clay projects. If I could just sew all the time I would. But sewing costs a lot more money. Fabric can be really expensive.
I honestly spent three hours trying to get something out of my mind and into clay. I still don't really like ti that much. I have yet to paint the project.
Here are some pictures of it:

So, I don't know....
BUT I do have a nice treat. I had started a story about a boy named Ian. I haven't finished it but I was thinking of putting some of the short pieces up on here. Maybe I could get some feedback on how to end it.

Music for today:
Little Yellow Spider
Diamond Day

Later tater


  1. your fecal face entries are clay figures right? I liked those. I liked they way you contextualized your fecal face entries by placing them with a background. I see the same potential for these. lol, I also like their surreal nature. If you ever visit philly, you should check out fabric row. Its essentially a block or two consisting entirely of fabric stores. And some fabrics can be pretty expensive. Its located in s. philly.

    At work I list to progressive public talk radio all day long, but this week their doing fund raising so they're not airing regular programs. Its gonna be a long work week, lol, I just figured I'd share

  2. oh wow! I wish! I could definitely go for some fabric. I just got a new sewing machine and I am suppppperr excited about it!

    ugh, when I go back to work it will be long days filled with awful rap and country music. The same cds over and over and over and over.

    We should get some ATCs [Artist Trading Cards] sent out back and forth. I literally have a whole band aid box full of them (all mine). And I would love an excuse to make some more!

  3. lol, I had a lot of grammar errors in my first post. I suppose it happens. A funny thing happened- today I found out that my psychatrist is Santigold's mother.

    Anyway. I'll email you my address. Mail something and I'll send it back your way.

  4. oh yeah, I watched the Kinks ape man video. I love their village green society record but I've really haven't looked past it.

  5. That is super cool. I might be jealous. The Kinks are solid gold. :D