Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So yes, I admit it. Nothing has gotten done. Nothing at all.
This week is looking to be a rough one.
But I did get this gem:

Yeahhh Joseph Gordon Levitt :]
(I am watching Miracle at Santa Anna)

No music today, sorry.
Maybe when i am feeling better.
Later Gators.

ps. I love and miss you Jenny. RIP


  1. What's your favorite dark comedy? Ever see Trust, directed by hal hartley? I like one other movie of his but didn't like the others. Apparently its not available on dvd in the US, but its available on youtube (broken down in clips) and on netflix to watch online- thats how I saw it. I think its very 90's. I have a thing for the 90's. Most of the movies and music I like were created then. And the current movies and music I like are indebted to the 90's.

    - fillmore

  2. hahaha i know what you mean. I haven't seen that movie but I think my favorite dark comedy is definitely Harold and Maude. I also love Fargo and the like.

  3. I haven't seen that one so I'm gonna try to find it.

  4. yeah you really should watch it. It is super awesome!