Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Carnage!

I have blood red paint all over my hands.
I love it.
So I finished my clay piece, and feeling pretty good about it. I like it a lot better painted. Boy was it fun painting it too! It took quite awhile but I mixed the perfect blood red color.
Here is a picture Before I added the blood:

And here is what it looked like after I added the blood:

It was a fun mess.

Here is the treat I promised you last time. This is the first in a series I have yet to name or finish:

the beginning of Ian

Ian’s eyes are weighted down to his feet, as if some invisible force pulls them there. When he glances upward with an obvious amount of strength and his small mouth opens slightly his smile ans whole body glows. And though sad, he is insightful and caring. His tall body and long arms are a bit awkward, however perfect for any love he finds.
Ian stood six feet tall and pierced the world with a contemplative green gaze. Almost two decades old, the slender frame suited his dark black hair, shifting lightly atop his head every time he shifted his eyes.

Ian I

I got fired today. I hated my job anyways, so in a way I’m sort of happy. I hated having to come to work everyday, touching the food, smiling at the customers each with their own little faults. But I loved the children. They were so pure, so innocent, uncorrupted in their child-like thoughts and small minds but open hearts. That’s what makes them an easy target for others to hurt them.
It’s finally my favorite time of day- 3:00 AM. Everything is so quiet in my little room in my little house. I can hear my own breathing patterns, my heart rhythms. Almost a symphony reverberating through my young body. Breathe in…breathe out…the blood pumps in…the blood pumps out. It’s amazing to know that no matter how hard you try to tell your body to stop functioning it won’t (short of death that is).
Since I don't work tomorrow I’ll sleep in and then do something crazy. Maybe I’ll rob a bank or tell Leia that I’ve loved her ever since we were nine. I almost told her, but it’s hard to tell your best friend you love them, when on day it’s possible that you could break their heart.

That's all for today. I even fixed the spelling mistakes!

Twice As Bad As Love
Shelter From The Storm
Curs in The Weeds
Sleeping Bear, Sault Saint Marie

Got these from pressing random on my iTunes.

Later Skaters.


  1. Hey.

    I'm surprised you went in that direction with your clay project- but I like it, lol.

    I still haven't gotten around to seeing that movie you told me about.

    I got your letter/card!!! Thanks so much. I really liked it. It also gave me the idea for two projects and I'll probably pursue this weekend and I'll send both your way. It may take a little time though.

    Did you do anything with your weekend? I went for a long run around the art museum area here with my sister on saturday. That was relaxing and productive at the same time. The Philly museum of art is pretty good. I've been there twice since I moved here. I've been here for a little over a year now. Do you have any favorite kinds/styles of art? A lot of people don't like contemporary, but I do.

    I saw some bands play tonight. Its funny, I'm not a native to philly but from a far I always read about the music venues here, and now visiting then, I'm always taken aback in regards to how small they are. A lot of places that I've read about / and where a lot of "large" indie bands play are tiny.

    but anyway,

    I hope your week is going well.

    cheers :^)


  2. thanks!
    hmmmmm I am not sure which style I like best.
    I don't think i did anything much last weekend besides play rock band. It was my last weekend before I started work hahaha.
    So hopefully I will be able to make some time for my blog here!