Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bird is the Word

First off-Ian:

Ian IV

“Have you ever been to the beach?” Leia’s vice scratched through the dying phone.
“No, not really…” In fact I have never been to a beach at all. No ocean, no sand, sunset, you know, that whole thing.
“Really?” Her voice starting to reach the peak of excitement with the thought of the joy a first trip to the beach together would bring.
“EEEPPP!” The shrill squeal forced me to pull the phone well away from my face. “Well… we could have a picnic and make sandcastles and fly kites..and…” Her voice started to fade as my own thought s drifted away.
I pictured Leia and I sitting in the sand. Her hair blowing ever so slightly from the ocean breeze, and the sun hitting her face in the perfect lighting. And as she turns to me, smiles…I say..” I..”
“And we could rent dogs and buy frisbees and throw them and.. it will be so much fun, I promise!”
“yep.” Was all i could think of, I was still so wrapped up in my day-dreams.
“Well, fine. Since you don’t seem so excited we won’t go.” I could just hear her puts.
“No! I want to go. I’m sorry. I’ll get ready right now.”
And as she hung up I said: “I love you.”

Now, I was told by one of my best friends that writing on my blog would make me feel better about things, life in general ect.

I am having trouble adjusting my life. My job is thankless and hated by all, not to mention I am awful at it. I miss having social interactions with REAL human beings.

I still have love in my heart, but i feel like this job and town will gobble it up like a ravenous beast. Right now it is laying in wait and after me.

So for now I am pumping The Beatles into my day and trying to put some sunshine in my life.


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  1. lol. I recently saw that bird is the word family guy episode on hulu. that was a good one.