Thursday, September 3, 2009

There Was Music in the Cafes at Night and Revolution in the Air

Work was pretty tolerable today. Some guy was really nice to me, which is out of the ordinary for my job.

I wrote a nice little ditty for my friend Eva it is as follows:

a moth flies high high in the deep blue sky
and we will run for it
we will run for the ocean, the sky and the mountains
and we will dance to songs we don't know
and sing the melodies to the ones we do

when you see us we will have our arms open

when you hear us we will be singing
loud and clear.

when you smell us we will smell of earth
like the air after a good rain.

when you touch us we will feel like fur
because we have become nature.

I got some really neat things from the Volunteers of America. I got some tap shoes and a cup with kitty cats on it.
Here are some pictures:

I didn't post any music last time so I will today:

hold tight
fly by night
divine hammer

Maybe by next time I post a blog I will make a video for you!



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