Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Go To Eleven

So I found an old poem. I'm not sure when I wrote it because there is no date on it, but I thought i would share it.

I own fingerprints
That I sometimes feel do not belong to me
And all of these pictures and the same face in the mirror
Are not mine to keep

The only thing I keep are these words I write, and the cat at my feet.
The ocean of blood that boils in my veins are yours
This body that you keep locked up so tight does no feel mine

But you can not have my soul
My soul belongs to another
Who claims the key to my heart shaped like a leaf

Now the battle has begun for me
Body, Soul and Mind

I'll claim them all in one swift breath
The water will fill my lungs and none will have me

I will have myself.

it's not the best piece i've ever written, but I wrote it.

I made a skirt the other day, I'll be sure to post pictures once I wear it. :]

I spent about an hour today looking through other people's blog. A lot of people have pretty interesting lives. Lucky them. Hopefully sometime I will get to do something fun with these days before they are laid to waste.


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