Monday, February 22, 2010

I dreamt about you last night and i fell out of bed twice.

I have sucessfully managed to finish four orders in a little over a week. Three of them are boxed up and ready to be shipped out. The fourth one was ordered as a gift and never got picked up, so I am not sure what is happening with that.

However, I forgot to take pictures of each of the creatures before i boxed them up. Silly me! But I asked all of the buyers to take a picture of the creatures in their new homes. That will be more fun anyway :]

My new little kitten is getting bigger everyday. Her favorite thing to do is knock thing off of shelves or counters or end-tables. She also does a lot of sleeping. She isn't very cuddly yet, but I am hoping she will grow out of that.

Lately, I have really wanted to go back to school. But just the thought of going somewhere new makes me feel nauseous.
That is kind of a problem :}

Heaven Can Wait

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