Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Art Issue

I finished my skirt for good. Hurray! I also almost-completed two orders all in one day.
It was certainly at gratifying day for me.

While I am here let me turn you on to some great artists. Some I know in person, some i happened upon. Let's call this entry the Art Issue.

First off here is a girl near to my own heart. Her name is Eva and she is a dear, sweet girl. If you go through some of my older posts you can catch a picture or two of her.
Here is a link to her artist page on facebook:

Number two here is Seth. I know Seth personally and think his work is just amazing. I really respect his talent and vision. He is a really cool guy with a lot of original thoughts in his head.
Check him out here: Seth

Alexis Mackenzie is someone I actually don't know in person, but is one of my all time favorite artists. Here is an studio visit of her studio on, and here is her website.

Below is a list of things to check out:
Mel Kadel
Mike Stilkey
Chris Berens
Jeremy Fish
Ann Hamilton
Brian Dettmer

that's all for now, or that I can think of.
I hope you like at least one of them.

Ready, Able
Feel it all around
Rubber Ring
Kings of the wild frontier

Happy Mardi Gras. <3

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  1. Hey! Alexis Mack. is pretty good. Didn't know you liked her! Hope things are going well! :)