Monday, November 9, 2009

when you look at me i look at the floor.

It is Indian summer here. It is like 60 degrees in November. It throws me off every time. You get all used to wearing sweaters outside and BOOM it starts snowing again.
I wasn't sure how I wanted to start my blog today, I thought that would suffice.
I found some of my old notebooks, and when I read through them I was left to wonder where my writing-ness wondered off too. I used to write all the time and fill notebooks very easily, and now i struggle just to get through these blog entries.
Maybe writing just isn't my thing.
However, I have started a new sewing project. A lady at work asked me to make a body pillow for her daughter. So I have spent the past hour cutting out circles (I have 34 so far).

Here is where you can find something of mine you can purchase:
Click Here for all robo goodness

Below is some old writing I found:
Well I fell in love with you
When you opened your mouth
And nothing came out

And time it did prove
I had nothing to loose
And nothing to gain

I have bled ink
The white gauze of paper
Catching my mediocre declarations

Well I fell in love with you
When you vanished and always came back
With a fresh wound

Time wasted laughing at misfortunes
Regrets to be written in paperback
Fleeting and dirty

I scream into the wind
My voice vanishing in the warmth of the sun
My mediocre declarations

Well I fell in love with you
When you caught my tears
And used them to dry your own

I spent my life trying to be you
When we turn into each other remember this is now
Your mediocre declaration

Paper Tiger
It Beats 4 U
We're All In This Together

<3 Shen

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