Saturday, October 10, 2009

Supermassive Black Hole

I suppose I have a little catching up to do. I will do it quickly and let you get on to the good stuff.
Here goes:
1] I got a new tattoo
2] I cut off most of my hair
3] I made some sweet stuff
4] Went to a rocking birthday bash
5] I think I might be going insane.

That's all. It sounds a lot better all summed up like that.

Here are some new pictures!!

1] new tattoo

2] hair

3] one sweet thing I made

4] rocking birthday bash picture #1

4] rocking birthday bash picture #2


Here is a new Ian:

Ian V

I bit my lip, until it almost bled. Please, please, please make this go right. So here I am, on this not as perfect as i thought sand. There’s seaweed everywhere and it smells so bad, like rotten garbage. Leia is laying next to me, tanning in the sun. Oh god, she looks so beautiful. Look at her, seriously look at her, she is in that tiny suit, it’s pink of coarse. Her eyes are closed and her lips are glossed and perfect. Just waiting. I know this is the perfect moment.
Breathe. Breathe, ok, lean in, my stomach is doing flip flops. And I can feel my whole body just wanting to buckle into its self. Deep breath. I am almost there, and I can smell her. It is a beautiful mix of apple shampoo, suntan lotion and whatever perfume she has on. I am one inch away completing every unfinished dream I have had. My eyes are closed and all of a sudden I hear:
“What are you doing?” She laughs.
I sit up and say “Nothing. I wanted to grab this book over here.” The book was in actuality about a foot away from here. I wanted to die.

Here are some videos straight from the shuffle of iTunes

The Virgins

The Package

Nothing Better

I am a Revenant

I feel that someday my own mediocrity will kill me.

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